Interview preparation performed by an Immigration Attorney

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The idea of appearing before a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office and speaking directly with an Immigration Officer about your case is extremely intimidating and anxiety-inducing. We understand these emotions because we ourselves have been through it all. Signature wants to make the experience less daunting by providing useful preparation guidance, tips and recommendations through Attorney support.

An experienced and independent Immigration Attorney will carefully review your unique case and application to look for any potential issues or red flags that could arise and will prepare you accordingly. The process and procedures regarding the interview appointment will be explained in depth and you will be prepared for all the different types of questions, general to specific, asked by Immigration Officers. You will also receive guidance on the strongest approach to answering these questions and what other documents to take with you to the interview in order to avoid additional delays before a final decision is made on your case.

By the end of the preparation session, you should better understand the interview process and feel much more confident to present your case at the interview with USCIS.

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