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Signature is a privately owned company that provides non-legal services on immigration-related matters through digital platforms. At the Client’s request, by selecting any of our Preparation Services, Signature provides U.S. Immigration Government Form Preparation Services which should NOT be substituted for the legal advice of an Immigration Attorney. If you feel that you have the need for legal assistance, Signature also offers memberships to Legal Plans that you may select for an additional charge to connect you with an experienced and independent Immigration Attorney that performs legal services for a discounted rate charged by the Attorney, and separate to Signature’s Legal Plans Members.

Signature’s fees for Services DO NOT include USCIS filing fees, biometrics service fees, or any other fees to be paid to the government. Any fee intended for the government is a separate fee and MUST be paid by the Client directly to USCIS.

The Preliminary Questionnaires on our websites and mobile app are created based on current USCIS government forms, questions and instructions. Clients’ answers to the questionnaires DO NOT mean and/or guarantee eligibility or ineligibility for any immigration benefits, as the questionnaires alone are NOT intended to make that determination.

Signature CANNOT and DOES NOT provide any guarantees of outcomes for immigration benefits.

The Client is responsible to mail the completed and signed forms, supporting documents and filing fees directly to USCIS. Signature DOES NOT do that for the Clients.

The immigration forms we prepare, and the instructions for the forms, are available for free at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.

Our Immigration Professionals are qualified to provide non-legal immigration services as required by the State of California.

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