At Signature, we strongly believe it's time to stop paying high fees to retain an Attorney or a Law Firm to complete your immigration paperwork. Our approach involves technology aimed to compete with traditional methods in the delivery of immigration services to the immigrant community.

The Independent Immigration Attorneys affiliated with Signature have agreed to unbundle their services so that you can easily access trusted and affordable immigration legal services tailored to your case.

Thanks to the flexibility of Limited Scope Representation and the use of advanced technology platforms and efficient preparation tools, the Independent Immigration Attorneys affiliated with Signature can provide legal services at noticeably reduced prices and at the same time provide prompt services.

Here are the answers to a few questions to help you understand how one of our experienced independent Immigration Attorneys can help your case:

1.    What is Limited Scope Representation?

Limited Scope Representation, often referred to as “unbundling legal services,” is where a Client and the Attorney agree that the Attorney will do some parts of the case while the Client will be responsible for other parts of the case. This shared responsibility of the Client’s immigration case is an excellent option if the Client thinks that he or she cannot afford it or it is too expensive to pay to hire an Attorney or a Law Firm to handle their entire case, which is traditionally known as full representation.

With Limited Scope Representation, the Client only pays for the services he or she needs.

The Independent Immigration Attorneys affiliated with can focus on the Client’s immigration legal needs in an efficient way and at the same time, the Client can save money on attorney’s fees while the Client retains control over his or her case.

The agreement is made between the Client and the independent Immigration Attorney. The Attorney will assist in connection with the legal aspects of the case including determining eligibility and admissibility which is the “practice of immigration law” and will review the entire immigration case and application package completed through platforms under the strict supervision of the Immigration Attorney.

The American Bar Association (ABA) allows Limited Scope Representation or Unbundled Legal Services.

 2.    How can one of the independent Immigration Attorneys affiliated with Signature help me?

If you select any of Signature’s Form Preparation Services, you will receive a 30-minute telephonic Legal Advice Consultation with one of our independent Attorneys.

At the time of your appointment, the Immigration Attorney will:

  • Confirm your eligibility for the relief or benefit sought;
  • Explain the immigration benefit for which you may qualify;
  • Review the details of your specific immigration situation;
  • Answer any case-specific legal questions related to your situation;
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case, as well as ways to improve the likelihood of success;
  • Review any evidence provided to help determine if it is sufficient to begin the application process;
  • Consider any past immigration case history, if applicable, and how it can affect your current case;
  • Review any criminal history, if applicable, and the immigration consequences of such crime(s); and
  • Plan and strategize for case preparation.

This way, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that everything is properly handled in your case.

The Attorney will not promise nor guarantee any particular outcome and will rely entirely on the Client’s disclosure of facts and will not make any independent investigation. Also, the Attorney will inform the Client if limited representation is not appropriate in his/her case, and will advise the Client if he/she needs additional services beyond the scope of the limited representation.

3.    What does the Attorney's Legal Service include?

The Attorney's Legal Services include the initial 30-minute telephonic Legal Advice Consultation; additional consultations may be offered on a case-by-case basis if needed.

4.    How will an Attorney be assigned to my case?

An independent and licensed Immigration Attorney will be assigned to your case based on the Immigration Attorney's experience in your type of case, and we also take into consideration the Attorney's caseload volume so you can receive the best and prompt attention, and service possible.

The Independent Immigration Attorneys affiliated with Signature are licensed and authorized under federal law to practice Immigration Law in ANY jurisdiction within the United States as long as he/she is properly licensed to practice law in any one of the 50 States.

All the Immigration Attorneys in our network are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

For more information, visit our "How It Works" page.

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